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We are proud of portfolio of clients. All are important to us and each of them is special and significant.

We have built a reputable portfolio of clients whom we worked with and rendered our services to. We believe that our clients are our partners. We do the best in order to assisst them reaching the targets aimed through offering and rendering our services.

We have rendered our services to clients from several types of sectors. We have the experience in the following sectors:

  • ■ Banks and Financial Companies →
  • Jordan Islamic Bank
    Jordan Petra Bank
    International Credit & Trade Bank – Jordan (Companied with Int. Price Water House )
    Islamic Investment House
    Finance & Trust Co.
  • ■ Insuraner and Insurance Agents →
  • Arab Life & Accident Insurance Co.
    Jordan – French Insurance Co.
    Islamic Insurance Co.
    Amman Insurance Co.
    Arab Germany Insurance Co.
    Jordanian Petra Insurance Co.
    Al-Izdehar Insurance Co.
    Insurance Experts Co.
    Care Insurance Services Mang. Co.
    Arab East Insurance Co.
    Garasa Insurance Co.
    Waha Insurance Co.
    Gulf Insurance Co. Doha – Qatar
    Gaza National Insurance Co. – Palestine
    Philadelhpia Insurance Co.
    Arab American Insurance Co.
  • ■ Manufacturing and Industrial Companies →
  • Abdin Industrial Est.
    Industrial, Commercial, Agricultural Co. ( Intaj)
    Jordan Yoghurt Co.
    General Mineral Co.
    Rafia Industrial Co.
    Arab Investment and International Trading Co.
    Arab paper Industry and Trading Co.
    National Industries Co.
    Arab Co. for Industrial Complex
    International Ceramic Industrial Co.
    International Textile Manufacturing Co.
    Pearl sonitary Co.
    Arab Mineral Industries Co.
    Gaz Industries Co.
    Mineral Investing Co.
    Modern Food Industries Co.
    Kindy Medical Industries
  • ■ Hotels & Restaurants & Tourism
  • Tourism Projects & International Restaurants Co.
    Middle East & Commodur Hotels Co.
    Jordan Restaurants Co.
    Amman international Hotel
    Al-Ghusain Hotel
    Jordanian Co. for Tourism & Supplies Projects Co.
    Hotel College (Amoun)
    Haya Travel & Tourism
    Amiral Travel & Tourism
    First travel & Tourism
    Puvilion Hotel – Dubai
    Comfort Hotel – Dubai
  • ■ Contracting Companies
  • Universal contracting & Investment Co.
    Al-Hani Construction
    Trans East Engineering & Contracting Co.
    Masar Contracting Co.
    United Engineering & Contracting Co.
    Reads & Elevators Contracting – Mitsubishi
    Masar – Touqan Joint Venture
    Masar – National Joint Venture
    Golden Star Trading & Contracting Co. Doha – Qatar
    Al-Aliaa Trading & Contracting Co. Doha Qatar
    Al-Jallaf Contracting Co. – Dubai
  • ■ Hospitals and Medical Services →
  • Jordanian Medical Est.
    International Medical Investment Co.
    Jordan Red Hospital
    New Jordan Hospital
  • ■ Exchange Offices →
  • Al-Ahliah Exchange Co.
    Union Exchange Co.
    Noor Exchange Co.
    Jordan Exchange Co.
    Union Exchange Est.
  • ■ Real Estate Development Companies →
  • Jordan – Gulf Real Estate Investment Co.
    Real – Estate Investment Co. (Akarko)
    Real Estate Development Co. PLC
    Middle East Real – Estate Co. – Dubai
  • ■ Governmental and Non-governmental Organizations →
  • Water Authority
    Agricultural engineerings Association
    Engineering Association
    Jordan Doctors Association
    Artists Association
    Iraqi Jordanian Land Transportation Co.
    General Transportation Est.
    National Fund – Ministry of Social Development
  • ■ Universities and Educational Organizations →
  • Zarqa National University
    Arab Amman university
    Arab Academy for science and technology – Doha – Qatar
    Al-Khawarzmy College
    Computer Educational Institute
    Jordanian Schools – Doha – Qatar
    New English School Co.
    Al-Omaria Schools
    Philadelphia School
    Fajr Assabah New Schools Co.
    Al-Balaqa Islamic Schools
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